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Please note you can only join Britstops if you are happy to allow our members to stay for free, with no obligation to buy.

It is a requirement that you have public liability insurance.

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Most motorhomes are around 20ft to 30ft long and about 8ft wide. A motorhome longer than 30ft would be similar to the American As a comparison, a 53 seater coach is about 39ft long.

Please also click YES if dogs are allowed on site, but not in your premises.

E.G. A stand pipe or outside tap.

i.e. Water water from sink and shower - NOT chemical toilet waste. Needs an outside drain or field.

It would not be unreasonable to request a nominal charge for providing electricity.

Chemical toilet waste can only be emptied into sewage waste, NOT down drains or into septic tanks.

If you are closed on any particular day of the week, or any particular months, or if there are any particular dates when you will not be able to receive motorhomes that you know of in advance.

All the great reasons someone would want to stopover at your place! Nearby attractions is also useful to note. 250 characters limit.


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E.G. Steep drive, narrow entry, single track road, unmade road, phone before arriving, arrive before a certain time, park in a certain place, etc.